Photo of Little Paws round silver pendant.
Photo of back of pendant open showing filling port.
Product video of Little Paws silver in 360 degrees.
Photo of front of Little Paws lying open.
Photo of back of little paws pendant with engraving.
image showing rope and curb styles of optional chain
Engraving font samples in Script style.
Engraving font sample of block style
Photo of free filling kit accessories with each pendant purchase.

Little Paws Pet Memorial Jewellery

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If you prefer your pet memorial jewellery to be petite then our Little Paws will be ideal for you. It's a sweet jewellery pendant which could also be used on a bracelet potentially. The front has two indented paw prints. The reverse side is plain and engraveable. There is room for your pets name in a block or lovely flowing script font.

Each piece is hollow and can hold a pinch of your pets cremation ashes, a clipping of fur, or sand from their favourite beach. 

Made of .925 sterling silver it's smaller than a 5 cent piece. A fashionable swing bail screw top opens by twisting and does not require any special tools.
  • Pendant Width: 14mm
  • Pendant Height: 20mm (including bail)
  • How to Open: Screw Top Bail (opens by hand)

Our pet memorial jewellery is unique to us and hallmarked (stamped) with our trademark Keepsake Jewellery 'KJ' logo. This way you know it's a genuine Ashlocks pendant and not an inferior copy.

All of our pendants come with a micro funnel and metal tool for assisting in filling. It can be a very emotional time filling your jewellery with ashes from your pet. Above all if you feel you can't cope with it, you can ask a friend or relative to help you. Any questions, however, please email me and I can walk you through the process or ring you for a chat over the phone.


As the jewellery only holds a small amount of ashes it's easiest to fill it with the finest grains possible. If you haven't seen cremation ash before, it is generally a dark grey to dark brown colour. Depending on the crematorium it will be finely ground with larger pieces mixed in.

Photo of filling hollow pendant showing a funnel inside the opening.

You can extract a small teaspoon of ashes from the bag or container and place it on a nice wide sheet of paper. By gently tapping the ashes repeatedly the vibrations can separate the larger pieces from the smaller powdery ash. Use the small powdery ash to fill your jewellery.

Open your pendant via a top screw mounted bail which should twist off by hand. If it's screwed on a little firmly use the included metal tool. Slot it through the bail and use the longer length to lever open the twist top. 

Your pendant may be of a style where filling is via a screwdriver port. If so, you will have received a micro screwdriver in your filling kit along with your funnel. It is a small 2mm flat edge screwdriver which will open and close the screw hole quite easily. Be careful to seat the screwdriver properly in the slot as slipping may accidentally scratch the pendant or cause yourself injury.

Pendant Bail 

The bails and filling screw ports are quite tiny so make sure once they are undone to not drop them on the floor or lose them. We can sometimes supply replacements for a small fee. It might be a lengthy delay if we don't have any spares in stock. The best is to keep a close eye on small parts and keep away from children who may put them in their mouths.

The plastic micro funnel supplied in your filling kit can have the tip trimmed with scissors if needed. Another option is to take a smaller piece of paper and fold it to make a crease in the middle. Scoop ashes into the crease and tap gently to move down and into the open hole in the jewellery.

The thin metal stick tool supplied is also good for pushing any ashes into the pendant, and cleaning any remaining ashes from the jewellery thread before re-sealing.


To reseal your ashes pendant, twist the screw port or top bail back on tightly. Most designs have a small rubber o-ring on the thread to help keep it closed.

If after filling you want your pendant permanently sealed, there are different options. Depending on the metal type, a professional jeweller can solder the screw closed. Contact one in your local area and ask them if they offer this service. The other option is to use a two-part epoxy sealant for metal from most hardware stores. It's important to use a two-part solution giving you a few minutes before it sets hard. Align the screw flush with your pendant. Wipe off any excess epoxy around the edges. Don't use a fast setting super glue as it won't give you enough time before it hardens.


After that, avoid getting your pendant wet. For instance, showering or swimming. Necklaces can break and pendants lost at the beach or pool. Also some chemicals in perfumes or deodorants can react with some types of silvers and metals. Also some natural oils in skin can also have effects.

I highly recommend keeping a small amount of your pets ashes aside after filling. As rare as it may be, we have had clients lose their pendants after scattering the rest of their ashes. leaving them empty handed. This can be devastating. You may not feel comfortable with  his idea. However, if you ever needed them as a back up then they will be there for ou.

Like all high quality metals, especially .925 sterling silver pendant, they require cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. A good precious metal cleaning solution gently wiped on your pendant and polished off with a jewellery cleaning cloth can make a huge difference to your jewellery's appearance.

In conclusion please remember I'm here to help with any questions or filling advice so don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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