Environment Sustainability

Like you, we care about our environment. Environmental sustainability done correctly will help the future of our planet and keep it as a decent place for us and our pets for a long time to come.

Our mission is to reduce our footprint as much as possible and use recyclable materials when we can. It is an evolving process as we find new businesses and technology that can replace our old methods and packaging. This takes time and research but we are moving in the right direction.

The manufacturing plant where we design and create our jewellery is doing their part, in addition we are constantly looking for new ways to improve.

Shipping within Australia and New Zealand is handled by Australia Post. We are part of their carbon neutral parcel delivery network. This includes Qantas' 'Future Planet' partnership for air deliveries, and purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions created by the regular delivery network.

We are always upgrading our internal processes as well. Our packaging consists of:

  • Recyclable card pendant boxes (changed from faux satin & metal)
  • Recycled promo card inserts
  • Wooden spoons for ashes loading (changed from single use plastics)
  • Recyclable card outer mailing boxes
  • Recycled papers for internal printing
photo of sustainable filling kit with free cloth, environment friendly wooden spoon for loading ashes into funnel.

The environment needs us to be more green.  Just as we have a moral responsibility to look after our pets, similarly we need to look after our planet. We can't save the world single-handedly but if each of us do our part then our environment and Earth will thank us. I promise!

The Future

In conclusion we are searching for more ways to change our packaging from any single use plastics to environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials. As we implement new methods we will let you know. Likewise, if you have any ideas or have seen new technologies please let us know!