Rumpole: 1994 - 2007

Rumpole Pet Memorial

This is Rumpole. I figured the first memorial should really be about the dog that changed my life. and the catalyst for wanting to supply nice funeral products to people who had lost their beloved pets.

He was a Newfoundland that we rescued from the dog pound in Armadale in Western Australia. I could write pages on all the crazy stories that happened while we were blessed with his presence. 

To sum him up though, he was a big goofball of a dog that was made of love and drool. Being a giant breed if he decided he didn't want to do something or go somewhere, once he lay down there was nothing you could do (unless you owned a wheelbarrow and a bag of treats.)

These days I carry a little of his ashes in a pendant around my neck. 

It's been years now since he went over the Rainbow Bridge but I still think of him every day. He was a gigantic presence in my life and I like to think he made me a more compassionate human being.

He is very missed.

- Brian

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  • brian bennier

    Such a beautiful friend you have there your words perfectly show how immensely you love him. I will carry my Steven close to my heart soon hopefully find a necklace pendant here. Xx thanks for sharing it’s a difficult time .

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