Hell and High Water

(Photo by Julie Fletcher)

It’s been a dramatic and tragic time over the past three months here in Australia.


Bushfires that have ravaged larger areas than some European countries have certainly taken their toll. With estimates of over a billion animals perished in the disaster it’s hard to grasp the scale of loss.


We have luckily been supported by worldwide fundraising for bushfire victims who have lost homes and businesses. Our firefighters and volunteers from all walks of life who have experienced and witnessed tragedies will hopefully be fully supported financially and psychologically over the coming long term.


Animal rescue and rehabilitation groups have been doing an amazing job so let’s not forget them either. Most are volunteered by caring souls and it breaks my heart to think of what they have had to endure. I’m sure some will be mentally scarred for life and I pray they also get the support they need.


Rain in a lot of coastal areas has brought needed relief to the situation, although in some areas they were hit with extreme flooding following the bushfire crisis.


If you can spare some change, please continue to donate. I’m not going to recommend to who or what, that’s your personal choice. There are large well staffed organisations all the way down to a single volunteer person who may be nursing a joey back to health at their home.


We have given what we can and will continue to as long as there is a need. Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone out there during this time.